Global business environment (3 ECTS credits)

  • Analysis of the general and specific environment from an economic point of view
  • Globalisation of the economy
  • Elements for the analysis of the general and specific business environment

People management (3 ECTS credits)

  • Personnel management in organisations
  • Personal development in organisations
  • Performance and professional talent management
  • Policy and compensation practices
  • New trends in personnel management.

Operations management and logistics (3 ECTS credits)

  • Operations strategy as part of business strategy
  • Purchasing and procurement
  • Efficient production systems
  • Operations in the area of distribution and customer service
  • The future of operations
  • New trends in operations management.

Ethics and social responsibility (3 ECTS credits)

  • Ethics and social responsibility for people and businesses
  • Ethics in business and personal life
  • Corporate social responsibility

Financial management (3 ECTS credits)

  • Financial accounting as a management tool
  • Analysis of financial statements
  • Analysis of balance sheets
  • Analysis of income statements
  • Analysis of profitability
  • Analysis of working capital
  • Global analysis of financial statements
  • Management accounting as a control tool
  • Control through budgeting and analysis of variances.

Marketing management (3 ECTS credits)

  • Internal and external analysis of businesses
  • The marketing plan
  • Marketing mix: product, pricing, distribution and communication policies
  • Strategic marketing
  • New trends in marketing: online marketing
  • Relational marketing and CRM

Information systems management (3 ECTS credits)

  • Information management in organisations
  • Use of information systems in organisations
  • Information systems policy and strategy.

Decision- making: Business Game I (3 ECTS credits)

  • Strategic and competitive business simulation

Innovation management (3 ECTS credits)

  • Innovation as strategic element in businesses
  • Innovation content in businesses
  • Innovation and competitive advantages

Strategic management (3 ECTS credits)

  • Strategy
  • Levels of strategy
  • Business strategy
  • External analysis
  • Internal analysis
  • Organisational design
  • Corporate strategy.

Business Week (3 ECTS credits)

  • Conferences, company visits, seminars and workshops to enhance management skills and network

       This subject may be taken in person (Barcelona City - Spanish Lenguage)  or online ( UOC Virtual Campus in English Lenguage) .

Advanced strategy (3 ECTS credits)

  • Strategic business simulation in a competitive environment.

Coaching (3 ECTS credits)

  • Personalised mentorship by an expert coach who will offer personalised advice to students in order to guide and develop their careers.
  • This coaching will be developed transversely in the second part of the master's programme and will be linked to the achievement of management skills.

Competitive intelligence (4 ECTS credits)

  • The competitive environment in the globalised world
  • The elements of competitive intelligence and surveillance
  • Technological tools and practical application of competitive intelligence.

Cross-cultural management (4 ECTS credits)

  • Management of multidisciplinary teams from different backgrounds and cultures
  • Work teams in multinational companies

International strategy (4 ECTS credits)

  • Business strategy
  • Design, evaluation and implementation of international strategies.

Business Plan (9 ECTS credits)

  • Drafting of a business plan for a specific business situation. Students have the opportunity to put into practice the skills acquired during the master's programme.

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