International agri-food policy


Agriculture and food regulation is no longer primarily the responsibility of states, but implies common rules, common principles and common regulators extended to the world scale. In addition, it is multidimensional, implying a balanced protection of several interests and values. These two aspects raise several problems of a legal, cultural and political nature.

Through a vertical comparison of different food safety regulatory systems students will study the main issues of food safety regulation and different strategies and approaches for analysing them. Students will learn about institutions and agreements such as the World Health Organization, Codex Alimentarius, International Organization for Standards, International Plant Protection Convention and the World Organization for Animal Health, so as to understand their role in international agri-food policy, especially food safety policy. This Specialisation also defines food safety law and regulation in the international legal space focusing on linkages to World Trade Organization (WTO) law.

This Specialisation in International Agri-Food Policy is a mandatory component of the Master's in International Agri-Food Governance and the Postgraduate Diploma in Food Systems and Governance.

Video presentation

Video presentation

Francesc Xavier Medina

Academic director