Credit recognition

The UOC gives students the option of having their prior studies and work experiences recognized as course or internship credits, which can help students to reduce the time needed to complete their degree.

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Benefits of requesting credit recognition

Courses can be recognized through two procedures: prior studies assessments and academic recognition of professional experience. In either case, students are exempt from taking the recognized courses during their programme of study. Once recognized credits have been included in the enrolment, they are subtracted from the total number of credits students are required to complete to obtain their degree.

For bachelor's degree students, the UOC recognizes basic credits from the same branch of knowledge as the degree in question, as long as the approved studies come from official university programmes. This rule does not apply to university master's degrees.


How to request credit recognition

The UOC gives students the option of requesting credit recognition every semester, and applicants are always informed of the result before teaching starts. Requests of this nature must be made through the Virtual Campus, so students just joining the UOC must first request access to it.

Once on the Virtual Campus, students can consult the equivalency tables, which list a large number of programmes from other universities, to get an idea of how many credits may be recognized. If students discover that their prior studies are not listed in any of the tables, a committee will study their request individually.

Students can request a prior studies assessment or academic recognition of professional experience at any point throughout their academic stay at the UOC. Likewise, they can add new studies and professional experience as they acquire them.

Students will receive the verdict regarding their request for credit recognition in their personal inbox. In the case of disagreement with the result, students will have a set amount of time to file an appeal.

Prior studies assessment

The prior studies assessment is the process that must be requested by students who wish to validate the studies that they have taken at the UOC or at any other university.

Studies and activities that may be subject to credit recognition:

  • Official qualifications
  • Programmes studied at universities or higher education centres
  • Language qualifications
  • Advanced-level vocational training (CFGS)
  • University activities (bachelor's degrees only)

For further details, fill in the admission form and consult your tutor.

Recognition of advanced vocational training (CFGS)

The UOC offers the possibility of recognizing credits for students who have completed an advanced-level vocational training programme (CFGS). See whether the programme you studied is one that offers this possibility and which courses you can have recognized for your bachelor's degree.

+ Find out more about CFGS recognitions

Academic recognition of professional experience

The UOC allows students to have their accredited professional experience recognized as certain courses or internships at the UOC. Students must apply for academic recognition of professional experience if they would like to benefit from this option. To complete this procedure, students must provide documentary proof of their professional experience.

Students can have up to 15% of their credits recognized through this procedure.


+ View the academic recognition of professional experience validations

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