Faculty director:

David Masip
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Doctoral interuniversity programme:

Xavier Daura Ribera
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Doctoral programme coordinator:

Carme Carrión Ribas 

Lecturer at the Faculty of Health Sciences and coordinator of the doctoral programme in Bioinformatics. PhD in Chemistry, specialization in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the University of Barcelona. In the field of research, she is a researcher at the Quality and Health Assessment Agency of Catalonia, collaborating in the development and implementation of different clinical practice guidelines and in the evaluation of the impact of biomedical research.

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Josep Jorba Esteve
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Ángel Alejandro Juan Pérez
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Daniel Riera Terren
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Àgata Lapedriza García
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Doctoral candidate agreement

The doctoral student, thesis supervisor(s), tutor and programme coordinator agree by signing this doctoral candidate agreement to collaborate in producing the research plan, and developing and defending the doctoral thesis.

Additionally, the doctoral student agrees not to reveal any confidential data or information provided to them for their doctoral thesis. Likewise, the doctoral student has the right to be recognized as the holder of the corresponding intellectual and industrial property rights, and to appear as a co-author in the works in which they have played an important part.

The doctoral student must take into consideration the ethical implications of their research activities and implement the safeguards necessary to cover any possible implications.

Quality assurance system

The Bioinformatics (interuniversity: UAB, UPC, UdG, UdL, UOC, UVic-UCC) doctoral programme has a series of systems to guarantee the highest levels of quality.

First, the UOC's Scientific Committee for Research and Doctoral Studies - an independent body set up in 2002 and composed of international experts - assesses the University's academic performance, oversees the quality of the doctoral programme, and advises the president on research strategy.

Second, the period of training leading up to the doctoral programme, developed through the university master's degrees run by the Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences, formed part of the 2011 Audit programme led jointly by the Spanish National Quality and Accreditation Agency (ANECA), the Galician University System Quality Agency (ACSUG) and the Catalan University System Quality Agency (AQU) which was designed to promote development and introduction of internal university programme quality assurance systems.

Third, and finally, as with all other UOC programmes, it forms part of the University's internal quality assurance system, approved by the UOC's Governing Council on 19 June 2009.

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Teaching starting: September 2020