Given that any researcher in the fields of Life Sciences or Health is nowadays a user of Bioinformatics, the intention of this Doctoral Programme in Bioinformatics is to train students to be outstanding researchers who can contribute new methods, knowledge and tools for both present and future users of Bioinformatics.

Edició: 20201__09_CA_Bioinformàtica (interuniversitari: UAB, UPC, UdG, UdL, UOC, UV_365

Data: 16 September 2020

Títol: Bioinformatics (interuniversity: UAB, UPC, UdG, UdL, UOC, UVic-UCC)

Language: English

This high-level training in Bioinformatics research opens up a wide range of career options for students, as well as academic opportunities. There is currently an ever-growing demand for professionals with this level of training, coming from hospitals and the pharmaceutical, biotech and agro-food industries. Companies in these sectors are generally highly active in terms of their RD&I, this being essential if they wish to maintain or improve their competitive position. The explosion in the biological data handled by hospitals and businesses (the big data paradigm) and the need to develop procedures to correctly interpret these data (in the context of an institution's specific objectives) are the main factors behind this growing demand for people highly trained in Bioinformatics.

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