The doctoral programme in Business Administration and Management seeks to inspire, develop and channel research in areas related to economics and the world of business.

Edició: 20201__09_MU_Administració i Direcció d'Empreses (interuniversitari: UPC, U_365

Data: 16 September 2020

Títol: Business Management (interuniversity: UPC, UPM, UPCT, UOC)

Language: spanish, English, catalan

The strategic alliance between the four participating universities enhances the possibility of leveraging synergies and mutually benefiting from the complementary strengths of a critical mass of high-quality research teams. An active partnership such as this will boost research potential and open the door to new areas and lines of doctoral research. To further our already advanced knowledge of business analysis and other concomitant lines of research, the participating universities jointly contribute their wealth of unique experiences in relation to the complexities of the digital economy and knowledge society, as well as a shared approach to applied economics.

The fast-paced nature of technological change brings about accelerated transformations in the skill set needed to properly analyse and lead business organizations. The doctoral programme thus provides new opportunities for students to acquire complex and versatile skills. It places a strong emphasis on knowledge transfer, which can benefit the production system by delivering improvements and innovations or a greater ability to analyse organizations and the environments in which they operate.

Doctoral students will find a wide range of research lines and methods in the programme, meaning they have ample opportunities to undertake research relating to their interests and concerns. They will also join research groups that have earned established status and funding, collaborating with teams of proven ability.

The doctoral programme in Business Administration and Management entails developing and directing research in this field of study and relating to the wider field of economics, with particular attention to business management, the employment market and the tourism sector.

Upcoming admission: April 2020

Teaching starting: September 2021