Students studying full-time will complete the programme in a maximum of 3 years and, if studying part-time, a maximum of 5 years, from admission to the programme to the doctoral thesis' defence. This timeframe does not include maternity or paternity leave or such long-term sick leave that the Academic Committee may consider appropriate.

Type of training activity Duration Teaching  mode Timing Compulsory or optional
Courses One semester Online During the research period Recommendable
Training complements One semester Online First year (first or second semester) Optional
Training worshops Two months Online During the research period Highly recommendable
Courses on research, transference and entrepreneurship One semester Online During the research period Optional
Workshops 10 hours On-site During the research period Optional

In order to acquire the advanced training required for the research project, the student must complete, during the doctoral programme, the subjects, courses or activities that comprise his or her personal academic itinerary.

The training offering consists of diverse training activities with different types, duration, timeframes and objectives, which are structured in five blocks (methodology courses, subject-specific research seminars, complementary training, research-oriented complementary training activities and the doctoral research seminar).

Table summarising the blocks that comprise the training offering in the organised research phase:

Type of training activity Duration Teaching-learning mode Timeframe Compulsory/Not compulsory
Methodology courses Semester Virtual 1st year (1st semester) Courses compulsory for doctoral candidates who lack advanced training in research methodologies
research seminars
Quarterly/Half-yearly Virtual 1st year (2nd semester) At least one seminar recommended
Semester Virtual 1st year (1st semester) Courses compulsory only for doctoral candidates who lack initiation to research training in the field
Research-oriented complementary training activities
One or more workshops Face-to-face1 During the research phase  
Doctoral research
Yearly Face-to-face1 and virtual2 Throughout the research phase Compulsory for all doctoral candidates

1 Activities oriented towards doctoral students in the face-to-face, full-time mode.
2 Seminar mode oriented towards distance students in the doctoral programme.

In any case, the inclusion of courses, seminars and activities in the academic itinerary of the doctoral candidate shall depend on the individual's prior research training and experience, as well as the specific area or topic addressed in his or her research project.

Note: the information on this page is provided for orientation purposes and is not binding.

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