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There is an obvious need for research training in the health and psychology field from a multidisciplinary perspective; with our doctoral programme, we am to answer this need.

Data: 18 September 2024

Títol: Health and Psychology

Language: English, Spanish, Catalan

Limited positions

Number of positions: 20

The programme's overall goal is to make sure students develop the competencies required to successfully carry out research in the fields of health and psychology. More specifically, our goal is to train researchers who are capable of asking meaningful research questions and whose solution contributes to improving people's health and well-being. In addition, we want them to be capable of developing research projects that pursue a truly transformational purpose and train them to provide methodical, innovative and searching answers to the questions raised.

Accordingly, our wish is to train motivated, creative, original researchers who wish to advance in solving significant problems in the field of study, and whose solution will impact positively on the population's well-being. The doctoral programme divided into 7 research lines which address the following topics: e-health; psychological aspects and tools; neuroscience and language disorders; nutrition and lifestyles; healthy work environments; community care and health; gender, health and sociocultural models. We have both experience and research projects in all these fields. Different thesis proposals are offered for each of the research lines.

The programme is run by the UOC Doctoral School and is closely linked with the research experience of the faculty and research staff at the Faculty of Health Sciences, the Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences and the Internet Interdisciplinary Institute.


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Official qualification

The UOC's Doctoral Programme of Health and Psychology is a programme that has been approved by the Spanish Universities Council, and its implementation has been authorized by the Government of Catalonia, in accordance with current legislation.

The UOC's doctoral programmes have full academic validity throughout Spain; where such is the intention, they are qualifications to perform regulated professions, in accordance with the regulations applicable in each case. 

The certificates for these programmes are issued together with a Diploma Supplement (DS), providing details of what the student studied, their results, the professional competencies obtained and the qualification's level in the Spanish higher education system; the aim of this is to facilitate recognition of the qualification and promote students' and graduates' mobility within the European Higher Education Area (EHEA). 

In other countries, the validity of the official university qualifications issued by the UOC will depend on each specific country's education laws.



The quality of this programme is validated by the AQU (Catalan University Quality Assurance Agency), which guarantees its rigour and its compliance with the standards required by the EHEA.  

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Teaching starting: September 2024