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The Doctoral Programme in the Information and Knowledge Society was launched in the year 2000. It was among the first to be created in the field of research on the information and knowledge society and the first to be offered entirely online.

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Data: 16 September 2020

Títol: Information and Knowledge Society

Language: spanish, English, catalan

Information and communication technologies (ICTs), touted since the mid-20th century and constantly being updated, have gradually crept into all areas of human activity: culture, the economy, teaching, media, business management, public service management, and even the operational aspects of the political system. Analysing how these technologies are used in various contexts and the profound changes they have wrought is key to understanding contemporary society and to exercising any type of professional or academic activity.

The connections between various social, economic, political and cultural systems make it necessary to overcome traditional disciplinary boundaries in order to conduct serious, in-depth analyses. This doctoral programme thus takes an interdisciplinary approach that combines both a variety of theoretical perspectives and several methodological tools.

Specifically, the Doctoral Programme in the Information and Knowledge Society, designed in accordance with the guidelines set out in Spanish Royal Decree 99/2011, of 28 January, regulating official university courses in Spain, defines this interdisciplinary approach based on the relationship between the doctoral programme and the research conducted at the University in the various areas and topics the programme covers.

The Doctoral Programme in the Information and Knowledge Society consists of an organized series of training and research activities leading to the award of a doctoral degree. The programme is divided into a preliminary training period, consisting of the University Master's Degree Programme in the Information and Knowledge Society, and an organized research period, also referred to as doctoral studies or the doctoral programme.

The organized research period of the doctoral programme comprises courses, seminars and training activities designed to provide advanced training in research. It culminates with the completion, through the preparation and presentation of a doctoral thesis, of an original research initiative that contributes to the accumulated knowledge on an aspect or topic related to the information and knowledge society.

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Upcoming admission: April 2020

Teaching starting: September 2021

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