Letter of commitment

The doctoral candidate, doctoral thesis director(s), advisor and the coordinator of the programme, by signing a doctoral letter of commitment, formally agree to collaborate in preparing the research plan and thesis and in its defence.

In addition, the doctoral candidate agrees to refrain from revealing confidential data or information provided to him or her for his or her doctoral thesis. At the same time, the letter recognises the right to any corresponding intellectual or industrial property rights and to appear as co-author of works he or she has contributed to in a significant way.

The student is obliged to consider and examine the ethical implications of his or her research activity.

Quality guarantee system

The Doctoral programme in Information and Knowledge Society uses several systems to ensure quality.

Firstly, the Scientific Commission for Research and Doctoral Programme at the UOC, an independent body which evaluates the University's academic practices, created in 2002, and made up of international experts, monitors the quality of the doctoral programme and advises the Vice Chancellor on research strategy.

Secondly, the training period prior to entering the doctoral programme, structured around the Master's Degree in Information and Knowledge Society, has taken part in the AUDIT programme, organised jointly by ANECA, ACSUG and AQU in order to mrmote the development and implementation of Internal Quality Assurance Systems for university education. 

Finally, the programme, as well as the other degrees granted by the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, adheres to the Internal Quality Assurance System of the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, approved by its Governing Council on June 19, 2009.

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