The doctoral programme is directed by the Doctoral Programme Director and the Academic Commission.


Thesis direction

Once doctoral students have successfully completed the courses and training activities included on their pathways in the first semester, the University will assign them a doctoral thesis supervisor. The supervisor, doctoral student, tutor and programme coordinator will need to sign the programme's doctoral candidate agreement. The supervisor must be a UOC faculty member or researcher who holds a doctoral degree and has proven research experience.

In any case, to be assigned a thesis supervisor, doctoral students must first satisfactorily complete all the courses, seminars and activities included on their pathway.

The University will also ensure that a Thesis Supervisory Committee is set up. This committee is made up of the thesis supervisor, who chairs it, and two other lecturers with doctoral degrees and proven research experience. One of the three members of the Thesis Supervisory Committee must not be a UOC faculty member or researcher.

The doctoral thesis may be jointly supervised by up to two people with doctoral degrees and proven research experience. If joint supervision is proposed, the second joint supervisor, who must meet the requirements to be a Thesis Advisory Committee member, will also sit on that committee and will be responsible for issuing the necessary reports to enable the Academic Committee to assess and monitor the doctoral student's progress.

Once doctoral students have finished their thesis, at all times by the deadlines established under current regulations, they must ask the Thesis Supervisory Committee for the relevant reports and, where applicable, for authorization to submit it.

The following members of faculty and thesis supervisors are involved in the programme:


Angels Rius Gavídia

Xavier Baró Solé

Adriana Ornellas

Àgata Lapedriza García

Angel A. Juan Pérez

Antoni Pérez Navarro

Atanasi Daradoumis Haralabus

Carles Garrigues Olivella

Daniel Riera Terrén

David Bañeres Basora

David Masip Rodó

David Megías Jiménez

Elena Planas Horal

Enric Mor Pera

Helena Rifà Pous

Javier Melenchón Maldonado

Joan A. Pastor Collado

Joan Arnedo Moreno

Joan M. Marquès Puig

Jordi Cabot Sagrera

Jordi Casas Roma

Jordi Conesa Caralt

Jordi Serra Ruiz

Josep Jorba Esteve

Josep M. Marco Simó

Josep Prieto Blàzquez

Julià Minguillón Alfonso

Robert Clarisó Vilarosa

Santi Caballé Llobet

Xavi Vilajosana Guillén

Feran Adelantado Freixer

Maria Antonia Huertas Sánchez

Pau Alsina González


Doctoral School Management

Dr David Masip Rodó

Doctoral Programme Coordination

Dr Ferran Adelantado Freixer

Academic Committee

Tutorial Support

Doctoral candidate agreement

The doctoral student, thesis supervisor(s), tutor and programme coordinator agree by signing this doctoral candidate agreement to collaborate in producing the research plan, and developing and defending the doctoral thesis.

Additionally, the doctoral student agrees not to reveal any confidential data or information provided to them for their doctoral thesis. Likewise, the doctoral student has the right to be recognized as the holder of the corresponding intellectual and industrial property rights, and to appear as a co-author in the works in which they have played an important part.

The doctoral student must take into consideration the ethical implications of their research activities and implement the safeguards necessary to cover any possible implications.

Quality assurance system

The Doctoral programme in Network and Information Technologies doctoral programme has a series of systems to guarantee the highest levels of quality.

First, the UOC's Scientific Committee for Research and Doctoral Studies - an independent body set up in 2002 and composed of international experts - assesses the University's academic performance, oversees the quality of the doctoral programme, and advises the president on research strategy.

Second, the period of training leading up to the doctoral programme, developed through the university master's degrees run by the Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences, formed part of the 2011 Audit programme led jointly by the Spanish National Quality and Accreditation Agency (ANECA), the Galician University System Quality Agency (ACSUG) and the Catalan University System Quality Agency (AQU) which was designed to promote development and introduction of internal university programme quality assurance systems.

Third, and finally, as with all other UOC programmes, it forms part of the University's internal quality assurance system, approved by the UOC's Governing Council on 19 June 2009.

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