The Doctorate Programme in Tourism is part of the REDINTUR cooperation framework, which is made up of 19 Universities with postgraduate studies in Tourism, which has been described in the 2012-2015 National Plan for Tourism of the Ministry of Energy, Industry and Tourism, within the Talent and Entrepreneurship section as a strength, highlighting its operation and training programmes in tourism.

Edició: 20201__09_MU_Turisme (interuniversitari: UMA, UA, UCA, UCM, UEX, ULL, Nebri_365

Data: 16 September 2020

Títol: Tourism (interuniversity: UMA, UA, UCA, UCM, UEX, ULL, Nebrija, UOC, URJC, USC, US, UVIGO)

Language: spanish, English, catalan

It is the result of the coordination and cooperation between research teams with a track record in the scientific-social knowledge of tourism and in accredited training programmes.

Under this framework, the lines of research of the different groups of the aforementioned Universities have been unified and coordinated with the aim of collaborating and promoting training and research in Tourism in Spain

Upcoming admission: April 2020

Teaching starting: September 2021