The main objective is to understand in detail how to act on the markets, how to become global competitors and how to maximise the strategic potential of multicultural teams.

Other objectives:

  • Acquiring criteria to understand and take advantage of market trends and improve the ability to function effectively in a diverse global business environment.
  • Understanding and leveraging the potential of cultural diversity applied to the creation and management of multicultural teams.
  • Understanding the strategic elements of international business.


The programme is aimed at professionals who want further training in the world of management and business management. Specifically, it is aimed at:

  • members of business management boards;
  • management staff of business units;
  • members of line management;
  • functional management staff;
  • management professionals; and
  • technical professionals with general management vision.


The specialisation programme in International Business enables professionals to strategically manage new business projects from three basic elements: identification and planning of international business strategy, development of multicultural teams and knowledge of competitive intelligence tools to identify and track the competitors in a global environment.

  • Organisational and planning skills for international business
  • Knowledge of other cultures and customs
  • Recognition of diversity and multiculturalism
  • Interdisciplinary and multicultural teamwork
  • Working in an international context.

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June 2020

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