Food security exists when everyone has physical, social and economic access, at any time, to sufficient, safe and nourishing food that satisfies their nutritional needs and their food preferences for a healthy diet and active life. In this postgraduate diploma, students delve into the concepts and tools that are used to analyse food security.

The course offers the opportunity to explore the relationship between food security and such important aspects as vulnerability, hunger, malnutrition and poverty. Subsequently, they will focus on the guidelines for interpreting and using the conceptual frameworks for analysing food security. Other topics of study are the approach to assessing different types of information systems related with the analysis of food security; the design, preparation and increased influence of reports about food security in different contexts; and the most commonly used methods for assessing food availability on a regional, national and local level.

Credits: 30 ECTS

Degree: Food Security Programme Management

Language: English


Specialization Assessing Impact of Devolopment Programmes on Food Security:

Assessing Programmes' Impact on Food Security
1. Introduction to impact assessment
2. Concepts and reference frameworks for food security
3. The programme's design and implications
4. Assessment of impact in the programmes' design

Methods and Approaches for Assessing Impact
1. Overview of methods and approaches
2. Quantitative methods: household surveys
3. Quantitative methods: secondary data
4. Qualitative methods
5. Selecting methods and approaches


Interpreting and Communicating Results
1. Analysing and interpreting the impact data
2. Documenting and reporting the results


Specialization Food Security: Assessment and Action

Food Security: Advocay and Action
1. Concepts and reference frameworks for food security
2. Food security networks and information systems
3. Reporting on food security

Food Security: Assessment and Analysis
1. Assessments of baseline food security
2. Assessment and analysis of the means of subsistence
3. Assessment and analysis of nutritional status
4. Assessment and analysis of the markets
5. Assessment and analysis of vulnerability
6. Assessment and analysis of availability

Postgraduate Project: Food Security Programme Management




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Next enrolment: december 2018

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