In order to be considered for the Master's in International Affairs and Diplomacy, candidates must be fluent in English, possess a valid passport or national identity card and have completed an undergraduate degree.

Admission requirements

To gain entry to the programme, participants need to have an authenticated university qualification.

Prior knowledge

The course material will be in English and the language used in class will also be English. Therefore, a command of English is required to follow this programme.


Once the overall assessment process has been completed successfully, the UOC will issue a Master Diploma/ Postgraduate Diploma/Specialization Certificate to those participants with an accredited university qualification that is valid in Spain.

Should you not have such a qualification, a Certificate will be issued.

Open Enrolment

Payment in Instalments

Fees and enrolment

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    teaching staff

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Payment in instalments

You can pay for your master's degree, postgraduate or specialization course in instalments