• To develop a critical understanding of key issues and concepts in world politics.
  • To demonstrate a comprehensive, substantive and practical knowledge of international relations and diplomacy.
  • To develop analytical skills and critical thinking.
  • To perform both efficiently and effectively in bilateral and multilateral working environments with increased confidence.

The Master's in International Affairs and Diplomacy is aimed at junior diplomats who seek to gain knowledge in their fields, as well as governmental and non-governmental organisations. Additionally, the Master's Degree is open to graduate students, young researchers and other academics interested in understanding diplomacy and international relations, acquiring skills to excel in their careers.

  • Understanding of contemporary world politics and foreign policy. 
  • Capacity to engage critically with the literature in the field of international relations and the ways in which this literature interprets the empirical world of global politics.
  • Ability to analyze arguments and evidence in the international arena.
  • Ability to present a persuasive argument on topics related to international affairs and public diplomacy.
  • Undestanding of main governance structure, history and development of the world from a  variety of theoretical, regional  and disciplinary perspectives.
  • Developing research and analysis skills.
Who it is aimed at
  • Public international organizations
  • International development (public institutions and corporations)
  • International communications media
  • Intelligence & security
  • Higher education
Career paths. Professionals.
  • National bodies (such as governmental ministries and departments, civil services, think tanks and policy advisory groups)
  • Embassies and consulates
  • International organizations (such as the UN, UN agencies, EU departments)
  • Campaign groups, aid agencies and other non-governmental organizations (NGOs).
  • Companies which operate on international level.
  • Journalists and other media roles.
  • Banking, financial services and corporate consultancy.
  • University teachers

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