Conflicts are everyday occurrences in people's lives, social groups and international relations. In all historic times, in all cultures, groups and countries, the quest for peace has been ongoing. Costs incurred because of conflicts are very high: human suffering, economic losses and moral degradation.

Credits: 30 ECTS

Start: 14 October 2015

Degree: Societal and Business Conflicts

Language: English

The efforts made by humankind to live in peace give us insight to accomplish real results, eliminate war, transform conflicts and manage them positively. This master course in conflictology draws from this insight, systematises knowledge and presents it in an advanced and efficient educational manner.

Conflict resolution, transformation, mediation and management, studies and culture of peace are synonyms and they describe the scientific and multi-disciplinary approach of conflictology.

Practitioners and academics from prestigious universities and peace research institutes from different countries around the world get together in this virtual course that makes it possible, with the UOC's years' experience, for anyone, no matter where they live, to access this international master course and prepare for professional practice. This programme trains students in all applications of conflictology (family, trade, social, political, international, armed conflicts), facilitates internships, preparation of research programmes and the development of your own professional projects giving you access to the largest network of people working to promote peace.



Introduction to conflictology (4cr-1st sem.)

Intercultural Conflict and Diversity Management (4cr-1st sem.)

Family Mediation (4cr-1st sem.)

Non violence (3cr-1st sem.)

Business Mediation (3cr-2nd sem.)

Implementation of Conflict Strategy in Workplace and Commercial Conflicts (3cr-2nd sem.)

Mandate Avaluation (3cr-2nd sem.)

Business Ethics (2cr-2nd sem.)

Postgraduate Project (4cr 2nd sem.)

Next enrolment:
June 2019

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