Enrolment process

To begin an official programme at the UOC, please follow the steps described below. If you have studied with us in the past and would like to continue, please go to the Procedures section of the Virtual Campus.

Step 1 : Applying for admission

Applying for admission

Applying for admission is a free procedure that entails no commitments. You will receive a username and password allowing you to enter the UOC's Virtual Campus, where you will be able to:

1. Talk to a tutor, who will offer expertise in the subject area to guide your choice of courses.

2. Consult the Virtual Campus's Procedures section, for information about recognition of prior studies, the breakdown of enrolment costs, applications for grants, etc.

3. Make an enrolment proposal; your tutor will check your proposal and offer guidance to help you complete your online enrolment.

Admission requirements

Before applying for admission, check that you meet the requirements for the programme you want to study.

Application for admission form

In the admission form you will be asked to provide your personal details and information about your academic background.

Admission documents

You will be told what documents you must provide when you apply for admission. For further details about what will be required, go to the Procedures section of the Virtual Campus.

You will need to get your documents to the UOC within ten days of completing your enrolment.

Step 2 : Entering the campus and contacting your tutor

Virtual Campus

Once you have applied for admission you will get a username and password to log in to the Virtual Campus, which contains all the information and resources you will need.


Having joined the Virtual Campus you will have access to a tutor. They will offer constant support, including guidance to help choose courses in line with your interests, the time you have available, and your academic background.

Procedures section

The Virtual Campus's Procedures section lets you find out about and take care of all sorts of academic matters, including enrolment, payments and discounts, grants, and recognition of prior studies.

Step 3 : Make your enrolment proposal

Once you have chosen the courses you want to study for the semester ahead, you need to make an enrolment proposal. Your tutor will help you with this process, which must be completed in the Procedures section of the Virtual Campus. This is a preparatory step prior to completing your enrolment.

Step 4 : Complete your enrolment

Once your tutor has approved your enrolment proposal, you can complete your enrolment. To do so you will need to choose one of the various payment methods offered. If you are eligible for any of the discounts the Catalan government offers students at public universities (as published in its Decret de preus), you will need to submit the corresponding documents, following the instructions provided on the Virtual Campus.

Please note that you must submit your admission documents within ten days of completing your enrolment.

Once you have completed your enrolment there is a fourteen day period within which you may exercise your right to withdraw your enrolment.

Summary of prices

Concept Price
Price per credit 34,96 €
Price per credit for tools and learning resources 13,30 €
Price per credit for recognized courses 6,81 €

Check the conditions for students who are not residents in Spain and do not have a European Union nationality or Andorran nationality.


Contact us via the Would you like more information? form on the side of the screen and our staff will provide you with a price estimate tailored to your circumstances, including whatever discounts, rebates or surcharges may apply, and the corresponding payment methods.

The UOC is a university seeking to offer a public service by enabling as many people as possible to get a university-level education. This is why there is no minimum number of credits for enrolment.


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