The aim of the master's degree programme is to prepare graduates from different degree programmes to work in their respective areas of interest by providing them with training in computational and mathematical engineering. Graduates will be able to resolve a wide range of problems in the fields of industry, business (services) and scientific research, using the language and tools provided by advanced training in computational and mathematical engineering.
This master's degree programme is targeted at candidates who hold a bachelor's degree in: Mathematics, Statistics, Physics and similar areas. It also targets students who hold degrees in Computer Science, Telecommunications, Electronic Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Aeronautics and similar fields.

Joint University Master's Degree in Computational and Mathematical Engineering (URV, UOC) graduates will be able to:

  • Understand and apply advanced computing knowledge and numerical or computational methods to engineering problems.
  • Apply computational, mathematical and statistical methods to model, design and develop applications, services, intelligent systems and knowledge-based systems.
  • Apply mathematical and computational methods to solve technological problems and company engineering problems, particularly in research, development and innovation tasks.
  • Ability to model problems using the language of mathematics and solve them with formal reasoning.
  • Identify the mathematical theories needed to construct models based on problems from other disciplines.
  • Handle mathematics and statistics software.
  • Synthesize and present research results verbally and in writing, in accordance with the rules for writing scientific documentation.
  • Model, simulate and analyse systems, processes and networks.
  • Analyse and process data that enable the generation and management of useful information during decision-making procedures.
  • Design, implement and validate algorithms using the most suitable structures.
  • Develop a research project proposal using research support tools.
  • Understand and apply advanced knowledge in high-performance computing and, specifically, in parallel/distributed computing, to solve scientific and engineering problems.
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