In order to complete the University Master's Degree in Computational and Mathematical Engineering, students must take 18 compulsory course credits, 24 optional course credits and 18 credits for the final master's degree project.
Course type ECTS credits
Compulsory 18
Optional 24
Final master's degree project 18
Total 60
Final Master's Degree Project

The University Master's Degree in Computational and Mathematical Engineering concludes with the preparation of a final project of 18 ECTS credits.

In order to enrol on this course, students must have already passed, or currently be enrolled on (during the same year as the final project), the 42 credits corresponding to the master degree's other courses. The specific prior knowledge required will depend on the final project's subject area.

The final project consists of performing an individual project, product, report and/or study that synthesizes the knowledge acquired in the programme's other courses. This is a compulsory course that students must take in order to complete the programme and is intended to assess the competencies associated with the degree. 

Computational and Mathematical Engineering students have the option of doing their final project on different subject areas proposed by the master degree's teaching staff. The available areas can be viewed in the course plan. Students must select the field of knowledge in which they want to perform their final master's degree project and submit an application, which must be accepted by the final project's supervisor and the programme's teaching staff. 

The final project is done individually, with tutoring and guidance from the final project supervisor, who provides the necessary support to ensure its successful completion. The final project's supervisor is responsible for guiding the student and monitoring the project's progress, and provides advice on each of the following aspects: conceptualization, rationale, methodology, reporting of the results and defence. The time spent by the student on the project is determined by the credits allocated to this course, with each credit being equivalent to 25 hours' work by the student. 

The final project concludes with a defence, in which students must make an asynchronous, online presentation (video) to a three-member assessment committee. The video should summarize the results obtained and the project's development.

Some examples of final projects submitted for the master's degree are listed below:


The Joint University Master's Degree in Computational and Mathematical Engineering has been designed so that it can be completed in one year (two semesters) or two years (four semesters), but there is no maximum time limit for completion of the degree. Each student can adapt the duration and pace of study to the time they have available to dedicate to them.

The student can choose, on an annual basis, the number of subjects of each semester in which he wants to enroll.In fact, when enrolling on courses, students receive personalized advice from their tutor to help them draw up a suitable plan. Aspects such as their needs, interests, time available and prior knowledge are all taken into account. The aim is to consolidate their skills, which will ensure that they make good progress while studying for the degree.

Students are recommended to take the master's degree in two years, particularly if they have to combine their studies with other endeavours. Taking the programme in one year is only recommended if the student can study full-time.

Learning resources

Right from the very first day, the programme provides students with learning resources for each of their courses to help them with their studies.

These learning resources come from different sources: they may be course material that the UOC itself orders and develops, or they may be resources available on the Web or already published by third parties.

The degree can be taken in English, Spanish or Catalan. The learning resources are available in Spanish and English, and the classroom content and the teaching staff's activities are available in all three languages.

In order to take this master's degree, students must be able to read scientific and technical texts in English, as some of the teaching materials (books, articles, etc) are written solely in English.

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