An agreement with The Case Centre.

The UOC has reached an agreement with The Case Centre so that Economics and Business professors can use case studies, articles and book chapters from internationally acclaimed publishers and business schools in their teaching.

The UOC adds 58,000 business cases to its Economics and Business teaching

The professors on the Economics and Business programmes have articles, book chapters, teaching materials and case studies from such acclaimed publishers as the Harvard Business Publishing, the London Business School and INSEAD, and other publishers that specialize in the field of business schools. The range embraces the activity and evolution of national and international businesses and organizations, from classic businesses such as Nestlé, Euro Disney and Zara to more innovative ones like Tesla, Uber and Netflix. 

These amount to 58,000 case studies, along with over 11,000 articles from journals such as the California Management Review, the Harvard Business Review and the MIT Sloan Management Review, and 5,600 management book chapters published by McGraw-Hill Education, Business Expert Press.

In addition, the collection is complemented by multimedia material and videos relating to good business practices. The contents are the same ones used by the leading universities and business schools worldwide. With this content and the UOC teaching model, Economics and Business students will be able to learn of the successes and mistakes of real businesses.